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English Language Services

Friendly Conversation
Writing with Pen

As a native English speaker, educated to Masters level in the United Kingdom, Luke is able to partner with you to elevate your spoken and written English! Knowing how to speak English like a true Brit will set you apart in your career, impress your friends and family, and truly establish your business amongst an international clientele.

Elevate your English today



For documents, essays, and presentations that require the attention and edits of a native English speaker.


CV & Cover Letter

Your CV and cover letter are the first thing an employer sees about you - don't let that be less than the best!

Luke is able to help create the perfect CV and cover letter to help you get the job you want.


International Corporates

Businesses in markets where English is not the first language so often make mistakes that are easy to correct but have a huge impact on how products and services are perceived by international clients. Set yourself apart from other companies by engaging Luke to consult on your external-facing material (marketing, campaigns, menus etc.).


Conversation Classes

If you would value greater confidence in your English speaking skills, Luke can offer 1-2-1 classes to regularly practice conversation, correct pronunciation, and learn English slang and phrases.

Luke is a great guy with many interests. He is friendly, pleasant, easygoing, and knowledgeable. That's why our conversations were never dull! He encouraged me to speak and express my thoughts and ideas and was always ready with an original reply. He knows how to make people comfortable, get them to open up, and practice conversational English. If that's what you're aiming for, Luke is a terrific choice I wholeheartedly recommend. What's more, you'll learn so much about the topics he's passionate about, the differences and similarities between Western and Southern Europe, its people and cultures. All while feeling comfortable as if you were having a drink with an old friend.
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