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Meet Luke

Luke’s method of connecting dots encourages deep listening and empowers individuals to ensure authentic regeneration of our ideas and behaviours.


He is a champion for inclusion for marginalised people in complex contexts. With a background in challenging inequality in faith groups, and a decade of experience working in Media and AdTech, he has a unique insight into why people are marginalised, and what we can collaboratively do to stop this and mitigate harm.

Luke has a degree in Theology from Spurgeon's College, and a Masters in Biblical Studies from King's College, London. He lives in both Tirana and London, and frequently travels around the world.

A passionate advocate of yoga, he is a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT200) and enjoys incorporating yogic methods across his work.

He currently blogs and podcasts via Worldly Wellbeing, publishes on Substack, and will be launching a Digital Nomad network and a new concept for retreat and community in Albania later this year.

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